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About us

China Chemical Pump Net was founded in early 2010, by Shanghai Meiyan IT Co.,ltd. It is a service platform that mainly used for famous chemical pump manufacturers and brand international promotion. Any Chinese high quality chemical pump manufacturer and brand are free to apply and login in China Chemical Pump Net, and also can apply for special promotion and other business.
China Chemical Pump Net is the best way for Chinese famous chemical pump manuafctures and well-known brand internationalization, welcome all Chinese chemical pump manufacturer to login.

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Chemical Pump manufacturers and suppliers that are interested in advertising on this site, please contact us:
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Address: Zone M No.1957 Jiaotong Road, Shanghai 200065, China

Shanghai Yihuan fluid control equipment Co., Ltd.
Yihuan ball valve Contact Yihuan
Shanghai Enine Pump & Valve Co., Ltd.
Enine ball valve Contact Enine
Shanghai Remy Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Remy ball valve Contact Remy
Shanghai KaiQuan Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Kaiquan chemical pump Contact Kaiquan
Shanghai Taifeng Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Taifeng chemical pump Contact Taifeng
Shanghai Haie Pump & Valve Co., Ltd.
HIR ball valve Contact HIR
Shanghai Kaida Pump & Valve Co., Ltd.
Kaida ball valve Contact Kaida
Shanghai Xinda Pump & Valve Co., Ltd.
Xd ball valve Contact Xd