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Petroleum refining industry pump comparing and choice

Conditions: petroleum refining industry liquefied petroleum gas (LPG/propylene C3H6) n delivery
Parameters: general design inlet pressure 13 ~ 16 kilograms, need to 150 or above pump head
Pump selection: API standard petrochemical process pump VS canned motor pump
Petroleum refining industry liquid hydrocarbon/light oil/LPG/propylene and other conditions. Adopting shielding pump and petrochemical process pump comparing, have distinct advantage.
1. Inflammable and explosive condition: use mechanical seal petrochemical pumps, sealing principle mechanical sealing ring forms liquid diagram when in high-speed moving, cooling the mechanical sealing. Existing leakage hidden trouble. Canned motor pump machine explosion-proof, completely without leakage. Explosive-proof grade: DIIBT3 / DIIBT4, protection grade: IP54 / IP55, more suitable for inflammable and explosive working condition,
2. Petrochemical process pump according to API610 standard, according to mechanical sealing API682 PLAN11/PLAN11+52 comparison: larger inlet pressure, leading to PLAN11 mechanical sealing service life shortened. PLAN11 + 52 scheme lead to purchase cost too much. And choose canned motor pump can according to users requirements to design pressure, don't consider inlet pressure.
3. Usage cost comparison: except impeller, body and other components, petrochemical pump 2 years spare parts usually takes submits bearing/machine sealing/shaft head nut/shaft/bearing spring/plum pad/coupling/mechanical sealing pressure capping etc, while canned motor pump typically required to submit bearing/axle sleeve + thrust dish.

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