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Chemical maintenance and care

(1) check chemical pump pipeline and joint whether are loosing. Use hand to turn chemical pump and tested whether chemical pump is flexible.
(2) remove chemical pump body leading water plug screw, priming diversion (or lead plasma).
(3) if discover chemical pump had abnormal voice should stop immediately and check reasons.
(4) close outlet water pipe gate valve and outlet gauges and inlet vacuum table.
(5) start motor, and test whether motor rotation is correct.
(6) start motor, after the chemical pump normal operation, then open the outlet gauge and inlet vacuum pump depending on its show proper pressure, gradually open gate valve, meanwhile check motor load conditions.
(7) try to control chemical pump flow and head within tag indicating range, so as to ensure chemical pump operates in the highest efficiency point, can obtain biggest energy saving effect. (8) In chemical pump operating process, bearing temperature cannot exceed environmental temperature 35C, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80C.
(9) Adding bearing lubricating oil into the bearing body, observing oil position should be in oil centerline, lubricating oil shall promptly replace or supplement.
(10) When chemical pump stop using, first turn off gate valves, pressure gauge, then stop the motor.
(11) chemical pump working in the first month, after 100 hours, replacing lubricants, then every 500 hours, change oil once.
(12) often adjust packing gland, ensure packing chamber dripping normal condition (with drip out advisably).
(13) regular check bushings wear, after bigger wear, should change in time.
(14) When chemical pump used in winter season, after stooping, should unscrew pump body bottom water screw and exhaust the medium. To prevent frost crack.
(15) chemical pump long-term discontinuation, should be dismantled all pump parts, dry moisture, coating rotating parts and joint with grease and well-pack, safekeeping.

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