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Chemical pump applicable analysis

Chemical industry pump best characteristics should be: high quality, high reliability and high environmental protection performance; Upon completion of the tasks of chemical medium conveying and for workers' health. Expect service life cost is lowest; can match with complete set of chemical equipment organic union into a whole. However, in chemical manufacturing process, various concrete used conditions and the intended use also put forward a variety of different requirements to chemical pump manufacture. In the chemical industry used mechanical product outstanding features are: mechanical product performance, required change with be transported chemical substances categories and properties. Although mentioned here medium sometimes refers to water, oil or other non harmful substances, However, in most cases chemical medium refers to is some very "terrifying" chemical raw materials; For example, some have severe hazardous medium (poisonous, corrosive and inflammable medium), especially some easy to produce chemical reaction, corrosion, debaucjed role medium or contains the composition of solid or gas medium. Multiple chemical medium chemical composition change, chemical elements ratio change will lead to changes in the chemical characteristic of medium, cause chemical medium concentration raise or with special flow properties (such as: diffusible medium, polymer solution, etc.). Accordingly, often put forward special strict quality requirements to chemical medium dimethylhydrine (GMP, polymer, electrolyte, etc.), , but these special strict quality request may be achieved conveniently through the appropriate chemical pump.
By chemical medium diversity derives diversity of chemical pump requirements. This makes chemical pump standard system difficult to be a simple standard system. Compared to other areas, such as household electric, family heating, water supply, water drainage etc and chemical scouring or automotive manufacturing field, not only in the production of products and in the use of products standardization has reached considerable level. While in chemical production enterprise, chemical pump standardization work encountered obstacles in terms of technology and economy. Where exist chemical pump to optimize and improve possible? First standardization for the production and use of chemical pump are useful and meaningful. But: from the life cycle cost level's perspective, the most economic standardization should be what? Is a detailed according to various concrete use situations on long-term optimization standardization cost-effective? Or a rough standardization cost-effective? To adopt new technology, new product development, brings in a long time to recover the standardization investment barriers when will end? How can damage chemical pump manufacturer and chemical pump producers either party interests conditions, make both parties to chemical pump standards have unified cognition? These problems only through strengthening chemical pump use factory, industry associations and chemical pump manufacturer dialogue can be answered. Possible solutions are: from the users' point of view, for example, with suppliers to establish long-term strategic partnership, In the different levels of well-defined established within various standardization level (e.g. chemical pump structure types, suppliers, series, materials, disposition patterns, etc.) and integrated modular structure.
But the most important is "service life expenses" problem. Chemical pump use life potential are not fully dug out. Why will appear this kind of circumstance? In many possible answers, one answer is everybody confirmed: because of chemical pump performance parameters of different requirements, chemical pumps allowed using life, can withstand the load of the size and so on are not identical. Chemical pump's purchase cost, installation fee, chemical pump working energy consumption costs and maintenance costs is relatively easy to accounting out. But chemical pump maintenance fee estimate relatively difficult to determine: because chemical pump failure and possible damage is not decided itself, it is restricted by ever-chaging transported chemical medium, special applicable conditions. Using mastered, certain chemical pump experience, to estimate another chemical pump maintenance fee have great limitations, estimation results also is only probable, broad-brush estimate.

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