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Chemical pump improvement notes

Chemical pump can realize by installing vibration sensor, pressure sensor, temperature sensor and solid noise sensor and its matching accessories through pump body, through increasing sliding bearing seal leakage monitoring device and chemical pump bearing diagnosis device and chemical pump performance diagnostic control system or frequency converter performance diagnosis controller to realize. In addition to the above said these technological progress, chemical pump next development trend displays as: according to user's requirements to increase chemical pump performance of "friendly"; Producting better and cheaper products. When improving chemical pump, please note the following questions:
1. Generally speaking, the modern chemical equipment are mostly the automatization, with high production capacity. In these modern chemical production equipments, all the latest chemical production data and information, chemical equipment current running status data and information, can be shown in production control room big screen, can according to production requirement to adjust and control chemical process properly. According to experience, chemical pump fault early diagnosis and chemical pump working condition monitoring system with whole chemical equipment connect is the key of practical application maintenance, is also the highest maintenance cost components, especially when technological transformation for the old type of chemical equipment, into chemical pump monitoring and the highest expense in early fault alarm system. Modern information technology, such as WLAN network communication and fieldbus communication technology, not only in technology and in its economic benefits for chemical pump system to optimize and improve the offers considerable mining potential. But for the existing, equipped with the traditional test and adjust technology old-fashioned chemical production equipment terms, please consider to choose appropriate and economical good monitoring and diagnosis system.
2. According to the increasing variety and complexity and more and more suitable for some specific working state chemical pump series (pump, bearings, sealing parts, chemical pump drive or adjust, etc.). We can imagine, integrated, module type chemical pump structure will be a very important structure design scheme. It is not just having very good technical performance, but also could bring good economic benefits.
3. Additionally, reducing chemical equipment production operator initialized data (e.g., vibration velocity, summation or temperature and so on) capacity is very meaningful. This proposal uses the appropriate data processor to replace a large amount of data traffic. In dealing with chemical pump system and chemical production equipment data transfer, according to former experience: need system supplier and chemical engineering equipments operator to cooperate well.

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