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Standard chemical pump correct application

1、 Purpose and applicable scope IH chemical pump conveyed medium temperature is -20℃~105℃, when needed, adopt cooling measures can transport higher temperature medium, suitable for chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, foodstuff, pharmacy and synthetic fibre industries for conveying all types of corrosive or not allowed pollution medium that is similar to water.
2、 structural specification
(1) IH chemical pump according to IS02858-1975 (E) and other international standards stipulated performance and dimension design, pump cover through mouth fixed in the middle of support, then through the pump body and middle support joint to tight the pump cover, pump body is axial inhaled, radial eduction, the foot bearing type, can be directly fixed on the base, the suspension parts through check mouth fixed in middle support and using suspension scaffolds fixed onto the base. Bearing uses oil or grease lubrication. Users can choose adapt to touch the hydraulic parts material.
(2) Pump rotating direction seen from drive end, it rotates clockwise
3、 assembly and disassembly
(1) disassemble order
a、 Remove pump body exhaust liquid pipe rack and hanging wall put tubing plugging, exhaust pump liquid and stored oil in suspension oil storage room, if has outer leading liquid sealing pipe, should disassembly.
b、 apart pump body and middle stents connecting bolts, remove intermediate stent, suspension parts and all rotor components from the pump body .
c、 loosen the impeller nut, remove the impeller and key.
d、 Disassemble cover and bushings, mechanical seal cover and mechanical seal components from axis, should pay attention to not make bushing and pump cover relative sliding.
e、 Disassemble middle support and suspensible support.
f、 dismantling the suspension both ends bearing front, back cover, then remove the shaft and bearing together from suspension.
g、 dismantling bearing and shaft
(2) assembly
  Pump assembly sequence basically can according to disassembly sequence reverse direction. But when assembly, we need to detecting various sealing gaskets whether in good condition, and attention to not short-shipped gaskets and replace incomplete washers
4 pump installation
(1) Open to check pump and motor, if there is no damage caused by transportation, outlet sealing cover is good, then does not need to remove and assembly, sent directly to on-site installation.
(2) Using level gauge to level the pump installation basic plane, after based cement solidified, install pump on basis, and inspection pump and motor shaft level by level gauge. (3) After cement dry solid, check the base and anchor bolt holes whether become loose, and after appropriate, tighten the anchor bolts.
(4) Under motor and pump and base reinstall circumstances, strict check pump shaft and motor shaft concentricity.
(5) Pump inlet pipe and outer piping shall have each support, it is not allowed pipeline weight directly supported by pump to avoid damage the pump.
(6) pump installation position higher than liquid surface, should install foot valve in the suction in pipe end. And in discharge piping settings filling liquid screw holes or valve, for filling pump before starting.
5、 application
(1) start
a、 Prepare necessary tools
b、 Check suspension body storage room oil level, control in 2 mm from oil level centerline position.
c、 check whether motor rotating direction is correct, forbidden to reverse.
d、 turn the coupling with the hand, should feel relaxed and weight evenly.
e、 When pump installing position is below liquid surface, before starting should open the gate valve of suction in pipe, filled with liquid. Such as pump installed position higher than liquid surface, before starting need filling pump or pumping air, making inner pump and suction pipe fulfilled within liquid and exhaust pump air.
f、 close the inlet and outlet pressure gauge and pressure pipe valves, starter motor driving inlet and outlet pressure gauge, open the outlet pipe gate valve to required position. (2) operation
a、 check pump and motor temperature rise condition, bearing temperature rise should not greater than 75 degrees Celsius.
b、 pay attention to the suspension body storage room oil level changes, often control within the prescribed scope, to maintain the cleanness of oil and good lubrication, should according to the site used actual situation, change regularly new oil.
c、 In operation process, find that there is abnormal voice or other malfunction should stop immediately to check, after discharge fault to continue to run.
d、 not allowed to use the suction in pipe road gate valve to adjust flow, lest produce cavitation.
e、 pump cannot long-term operate under less than 30% design flow, if must use in the condition, should install by-pass pipe on the outlet pipe, make the flow reach the applicable scope. (3) stopping
a、 Slowly stop outlet pipe gate valve and stop motor.
b、 Close inlet pressure gauge, under priming condition also need to close suction in pipe gate valve.
c、 If the environmental temperature below the liquid solidifying temperature, exhaust pump liquid, in case of frost crack.
d、 long time stop using pump, need to use clean water to wash, and after sealing the pump inlet and outlet, kept properly.
6、 Notes
(1) general mechanical seal is suitable for clean, no suspended particles medium. To installed piping system and liquid storing irrigation, shall carefully rinsed clean defend solid impurity into mechanical seal face and make the seal failure.
(2) in easily crystallized medium, when using mechanical seal, keep flushing.
(3) remove mechanical seal shall be careful without using hammer and iron etc, to knock, lest destroy dynamic and static sealing ring.
(4) if there is dirt could not be disassembled down, do not force to go up, should try to remove dirt, and rinse off.
(5) Befor installing mechanical seal, check all seal components whether there is failure and damaged, if so, replaced.
(6) should strict inspect dynamic and static ring grind sealing surface, don't allow any scratch, touch broken, etc blemish.
(7) When assembly, pay attention to deviation, tightening bolt, evenly tight to avoid producing skewed, make seal failure.
(8) correctly adjusting spring compression, make it not too tight or too loose
. (9) to have external flushing mechanical seal, before starting, should first open rinses to make sealing lumen filled with sealant liquid, when stopping, first stop, then close sealing rinses.

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