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Chemical pump seal gaskets failure reason

In chemical pump, the conveying corrosive medium, once the sealing gasket failure, damage is very large. So, should attaches great importance to the chemical pump sealing, ensure the safety and normal operation.
Chemical pump seal gaskets failure, basically have the following several factors
1 Acting on chemical pump seal gaskets insufficient pressure. Because there is always existing microscopic jagged, sometimes on seal surface processing several ring grooves, if guarantee sealing, it needs to exert enough pressure, make its produced elastic and plastic deformation to fill the gap
All sorts of gasket materials compaction force size usually expressed in sealing gaskets manufacturer samples or product instructions, also can be decided through experiments. Because of assembling can not reach gasket needed compaction force, or due to the operation of the vibration in period that compaction of bolt looseness and make the compaction force is reduced, and the aging of deformation and gasket material loss and original elasticity, can make gasket failure and leaking.
2、 Chemical pump gasket materials internal organization or uneven thickness, and using crack or photographs cardboard, making gasket itself formed gaps, when the effect on the gasket force generated by elastic deformation to completely fill these clearances, chemical pump leaking also is unavoidable.
3、 Chemical pump gasket materials and conveying media does not adapt. Due to the chemical pump conveying chemical products chemical properties of the diversity and to improve fuel combustion values, or change its resultant after combustion, while in fuel adding some small amount of additives, make fuel certain properties changed. So choose and transport medium appropriate gasket material is not easy, and thereby also occur due to disharmony, and make the chemical pump gaskets happened erosion from leakage phenomenon.
In chemical pump gasket selection, installation, maintenance and maintenance process, need to strengthen production safety consciousness, avoid chemical pump gasket failure happens.

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