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Technology application and performance adjustment

technology application

According to the impeller structure, blade installing angle device conditions, blades are divided into three types: (1) Stationary blade and wheel casting becomes an integral, blade installing angle in designing and manufacturing has been fixed, in use process cannot adjust. This impeller most commonly used in small pumps.
(2) half adjusted blade on impeller wheel, loose each leaf fixed nuts and positioning screw, according to the requirements, adjust the blade installing angle adjusted into consistent, and tighten. Generally blade installing angle is from the negative 100-180. In this range, according to the use requirement to adjust.
(3) loose leaf blade adjust by special design angle adjusting mechanism, withnot removing impeller, you can directly control mechanisms to change blade installing angle, its adjusting range from 0-260. Blade angle adjusting mechanism has mechanical regulation and hydraulic pressure two kinds. This kind of impeller are mostly large axia pump adopted. In axial pump operation, pump will not leak or outlet water reduced reason? How to remove the faults? Axial pump operation is more reliable. However, sometimes it happens fault. When happened, should promptly eliminate. In axial pump operation, no more water.

Axial pump performance adjustment, usually adopts two methods

1. The variable speed regulating we already know, hoping it is in a certain speed jobs and obtain appropriate capacity and head, power and efficiency, etc. When the speed changes, its performance parameters changed correspondingly, thus achieved the regulative purpose. If axial pump is powered by using diesel engine or gasoline engine, may change the throttle size to variable speed, If axial pump and power machine connection is using triangle belt or flat belt indirect transmission device, it can change the transmission belt wheel diameter to change speed and replace active wheels or driven pulley, the purpose is to change transmission speed ratio. Variable speed regulating water pump performance, comparative economic wider applicability, can be used for all agricultural water pumps.
2. The variable angle adjustment from structural view, axial pump impeller has great wheel, convenient in installation adjustable angle blade. After blade installing angle changed, blade to water pressure is also changed, which changes the pump working performance, this is the variable angle adjustment. Along with the increase, decrescent of blade installing angle, axial pump flow and head, power namely change, while the highest efficiency point is not changed, extremely favor for performance adjustment.

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