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Definition and features

The pump is a machine of conveying liquid, chemical centrifugal pump is one kind, it through impeller to make the liquid affected by centrifugal force, improve liquid mechanical energy, and thus for liquid transportation, it is an increasing liquid energy machine.
Due to the chemical production special requirements of pumps, chemical centrifugal pump has the following characteristics compared with other centrifugal pump
(1) Can adapt to the chemical process needs
Pump in chemistry industry, not only to transport the liquid materials and provide technical required necessary pressure; it must ensure conveying material quantity, in a certain chemical unit operation, the requirements of the pump flow and head should be stable, maintain the pump high efficiency and reliable operation.
(2) anti-corrosion
Chemical pump delivered medium, including raw materials, reaction intermediated are always corrosive medium. This requires pump selection of materials properly and reasonably, ensuring the pump security, stability, long life operation.
(3) anti-high temperature and low temperature
Chemical pump high temperature medium has flow liquid materials, also has the reaction process needed and generate heat liquid. For example: the condensate pump, boiler feed water pump, heat conduction oil pump.
Chemical pump low-temperature media types are also many, for example: liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, methane etc, pump cryogenic temperature mostly in -20 ~ -10 ℃. Whatever conveying low or high temperatures chemical pump, select material and structure must be properly, there must be sufficient strength, design and manufacture pump parts can heatproof shock, thermal expansion, low temperature deformation, cold brittleness, etc influence.
(4) Wear resistance, erode resistance
Due to the chemical pump conveyed fluid contains suspended solids, and pump impeller, chamber can also operate under high pressure and high flow rate, pump parts surface protective layer destroyed, its life is short, so must improve chemical pump abrasion resistance, erode resistance, which requires the pump material selection of wear-resisting manganese steel, ceramics, cast iron, etc, choose resistance scoured titanium and manganese steel, etc.
(5) reliable operation
Chemical pump reliable operation includes two meanings: one is long period running without fault; another is in the operation the various parameters is smooth. The operation reliability of production of chemical industry is very important. If the malfunction of the pump often will not only cause often discontinued, affect yield and economic benefits, and possibly still sometimes caused by chemical system accident.
Chemical pumps rotating speed fluctuation, can cause flow and pump outlet pressure fluctuations, make chemical production cannot proceed or system reaction affected, material cannot balance, not only waste, even cause product quality reduced or make products rejected.
(6) No leakage or less leakage
Chemical pump conveyed medium most is inflammable, explosive, toxic and hazardous liquids, once leak will severe pollute environmental, endanger personal safety and worker health, it is also not fit for no leakage factories and clean civilization factory demands, this must be assured to chemical pump runtime withnot leaking, adopting new technology, new material on pump sealing, according to procedures, high quality maintenance
(7) Can convey critical state liquids
The critical state liquid, when temperature increases or pressure decreases, often will be vaporized. Chemical pump sometimes conveying critical state liquid, once the liquid in the pump vaporized, is prone to cause cavitation damage, which requires the pump has high resistance cavitation performance. Meanwhile, liquid vaporization, may cause friction within the dynamic-static part pump agglutination, which requires some relevant clearance larger. In order to avoid the liquid vaporization make mechanical seal, packing seal, labyrinth seal and so on destroyed because of dry friction, this kind of chemical pump must have the structure that eliminating the pump gases.
Conveying critical state liquid pump, its shaft sealing materials can be used lubricating better materials, such as teflon and graphite etc. For shaft seal structure, except packing seal, still can use double seals or labyrinth seal, etc. Adopt double end seals, the empty chamber between two end, filling with foreign sealing liquid. Adopt labyrinth seal, can introduce sealing gas with certain pressure from outside. Sealing liquid or sealing gas leaks into the pump, the pumping media should be as well, if the atmosphere leaks into, is also harmless. If conveying critical state liquid helium, double end mechanical seal empty cavity can use methanol as sealing liquid. Conveying easy vaporization liquid hydrocarbon, labyrinth seal can be introduced nitrogen.

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