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FJX type forced circulation pump

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Tel: 86 (21) 3652 8716
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FJX type forced circulation pumps
FJX type forced circulation pumps


FJX type series evaporative circulating pump is large flow, low head axial-flow pump, special used for evaporator forced circulation in ammonium phosphate, phosphoric acid, vacuum salt production, alumina, caustic soda, light industries, etc. It also can be circulating pump for crystllizer and reactor.
performance parameters
flow scope:300-12000m3/h
head scope:2-4m
working pressure:≤1Mpa.G
working temperature:≤170°C
Note: When ordering, users need to provide detailed data table, according to users required flow, head, medium characteristics, we will recommend the reasonable type.

table of standard performance

table of standard performance
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