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About HIR

HIR company (hereinafter referred to as HIR) located in Shanghai in 1992, the site is located in the fengjing town industrial area, jinshan district, it has a total area of 77000 square meters, divided into districts, logistics, production area [in the district is divided into pump, valves district (new), automated meter area (new)] and residential district. Development, manufacture, testing, and other related equipment 380 sets, with many kinds and advanced performance. The company first-line manufacturing, testing employees are more than 300, ten logistics staff, developers, and senior technologists are near 70. Supporting an independent technology development and sales, customer service network: 10 marketing staff, several customer service staff. Product quality is reliable, technology reserve is solid, after-sale service is perfect, meetingto your various design requirements and complex working applications.

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Shanghai Haie Pump & Valve Co., Ltd.

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